Drawing From the Well

As we find ourselves sandwiched far enough on the heels of our most return from South Africa – and with our next trip just barely distant enough in the future so as to feel out of reach, it feels like a prudent time to reflect. This has been on my mind, and I don’t think one can say thank you enough.


When we last boarded a plane back stateside, I said we left feeling again like this place had blessed our lives with profound relationships and an enriched sense of purpose. It is as humbling as it is spectacular, and we left feeling as emboldened as ever in our mission to share the magnetism of this place, to be better global citizens, and to inspire community and collaboration, from one home to another, 10,000 miles away. I think even then, steeped in the romance of the country, with it deep underneath our skin, I don’t know that we truly appreciated the profoundness of the impact this country continues to have on our lives. I’ve been saying to friends and family a lot recently that there is something to be said, I think, for planting roots in more than one place across the world. Or, perhaps better said, for that place planting roots within you. I think we both feel very lucky to have been chosen by South Africa as worthwhile shepherds for those roots. For being welcomed there, on each and every trek we make, and to be some small part of the story of the grape growers, the winemakers, the buyers, freight forwarders, forklift drivers, & logistics whizzes (?), is a legitimate honor and a very real responsibility. Please do not let me forget that. It is worth being reminded that in everything that Lubanzi has grown to become over the last year and a half (it’s been a year and a half?!) and continues to grow toward, we owe much more of that success to those other pieces of the story than we do to ourselves.


It is worth remembering that when Lubanzi was in it’s infancy, the impetus behind the project was to build a brand that did its best to speak with a voice that South Africa would be proud of. Just to do our best to use Lubanzi as a way to share stories and visions of a place we felt we owed so much to, and that we knew others would fall in love with from afar. As I said to an interviewer here in the US recently, ultimately we're just trying to produce really kick-ass, fun, killer wines that people love and that they want to share with friends and with family, and in doing so, share South Africa, share our mission and our story, and inspire a little bit of adventure. That’s a small little lesson that is worth holding on to every day, and when you put it like that, it doesn’t seem so hard.  It’s a lesson I think we learned from South Africa. Cant wait to be back, and thanks to ZA for continuing to be a constant well of that spirit. We draw from it every day.


Some photos and memories to get us through until August:


Charlie Brain working on wine farm.JPG
Walker Brown on Wine Farm.jpg
Walker Brown working on wine truck.jpg
Sunset on Wine Farm-South Africa.jpg
Walker Brown working on wine barrels
Group dinner in South Africa
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