We've pledged 50% of our profits back to the Pebbles Project

They're an NGO that works with the low-income families who live and work on South Africa's wine farms, funding projects that focus on growing families by providing resources and improving access to health & high-quality education, allowing families to realize a horizon for success in life that extends far beyond their current view.

In 2017, we started our efforts with Pebbles' health programs, specifically the sponsorship of the Owethu Clinic, an ultra-modern modular facility that provides a full range of critical health and wellness services. Children are cared for at the clinic free of charge, so we endeavored to provide the funds to Pebbles in order to deliver that high quality health care to children throughout the South African wine community. 

In 2018, we were able to significantly extend our support of Pebbles, and, in addition to supporting Medical & Dental care for 44 children at the Owethu Clinic, we began supporting an Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centre & After School Club (ASC), both located in Simondium, South Africa. Together the two centers serve 49 children, ages 3 months - 18 years old. Both operated by Pebbles, these two programs support children through critical parts of life. 

In 2019, we’ve continued to expand our support of Pebbles and now provide year-round Medical & Dental care to the children at the Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centre & in the After School Club (ASC), as well as the 44 children already receiving care. Along with these programs, we now sponsor Pebbles’ First Thousand Days Programme, which provides support to mothers during pregnancy and in the first few years that follow.


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Pebbles Project Dental Check-Up
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Our Impact To Date

Our commitment to Pebbles this year will mean not only sponsoring the complete medical & dental care of 90 children who live on South Africa's wine farms for the entire year, free of charge to them, but also the daily care of 49 children whose families labor on South Africa's wine farms, through the ECD Centre & After School Centre - fully covered and funded by YOU, our consumer. 

 The medical & dental coverage includes visits to the clinic, where the kids will receive dental treatments, medical check-ups, ensuring their inoculations are up to date and they are following their growth curve on their road to health charts. It also includes an oral hygienist paying the farm, where the kids live, twice a year to ensure consistent dental health.

The ECD & ASC support includes training for the ECD practitioners, supporting the centre's resources, bi-annual assessments of children to ensure they are meeting development guidelines, mentoring for the staff, general upkeep of the facilities and more.

The First Thousand Days Programme provides medical support, such as ultra-sounds and check-ups, to pregnant women in the community. It also offers women access to the supplies necessary to help a child thrive during their first hundred days of life. After the first hundred days, the program continues to provide follow-up appointments throughout the first few years to ensure the child is on track for a happy and healthy life.

This commitment, however small now, will continue to grow alongside us, and most importantly, will always be intimately intertwined with Lubanzi -- an avenue to deliver real and meaningful social impact back to a people and a country so deserving of that commitment. 

We do not inherit the land from our fathers, but borrow it from
our children. That is why we have a responsibility towards the
education of our children and the development of our people.

How We Support The Pebbles Project



#1 Dental Treatments

Lubanzi helps fund dental check ups to ensure young kids don't develop any dental health issues and stay on track with proper hygiene 


#2 Medical Care

We help provide medical aid for children that allows them to visit a medical clinic as often as they like and ensure regular medical check ups


#3 Early Childhood Development

We sponsor an ECD centre that is located in Simondium, South Africa and serves 16 children between the ages of 3 months & 5 years 

#4 After-School Clubs

We sponsor an ASC that is located in Simondium, South Africa and  serves 33 children between the ages of 6 & 18 years.

Visit our partner organization, The Pebbles Project, to learn more about our aspirations and donate if you wish: