Lubanzi Red Blend Can

$30 | 4-Pack

If there was ever a wine that was born to be packed in a backpack, carried to the top of a distant mountain & savored while admiring distant landscapes, this would be it. Every bit as well made & responsibly crafted as the wine in our bottle, and made to go places others can’t. Just don’t forget when you’re out there enjoying a can, or two, that each is 1/2 of a standard bottle.


Origin: Coastal Region, South Africa

Components: 42% Shiraz // 34% Cinsault // 15% Mourvedre // 9% Grenache

Soil/climate: Decomposed granite & shale, mix of climate conditions

Tasting Notes: “A complex blend of five different varietals, the wine is a lush, dark ruby colour, indicating a serious, yet still vibrant wine. The nose suggests equal parts fruit, savour, & spice, eliciting thoughts of plum, liquorice & a touch of ground coffee. The palate reflects on this, showing dark fruits at first, before soon giving way to lighter red fruits, such as strawberry & raspberry, which carry to the end. it finishes with a touch of spice & raw earth. Throughout it is soft with a slight presence of tannins, which is quickly countered by an elevated acidity.”



50% of Profits Back to the Hands that Made it

Maybe we were going out on a limb when we thought it was a good idea to give away half of anything we make, but the truth is none of this would be possible without the men & women whose hard makes our wine possible. Thanks to their long days & early mornings, Lubanzi is as good as it is. So feel free to keep drinking, knowing that we’re doing everything we can to make our wines the right way.



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